Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Small Update


The Binary Domain video is nearly completed, but I'm being super anal retentive as usual, redoing work I already did over and over again. It'll get there.

I've mostly been spending my time working on my eBay/Amazon stores, since I've spent all my time working on projects instead of like, working for money. So now I have a little income incoming and I get to modify and repair consoles pretty much all the time, which is awesomely fun. I tweet about it constantly @jackoctober, check it out if you like tech porn.

I will be updating the blog with a link to the amazon store so people can peep in there. If you're in the market for some consoles it would give me great pleasure if you took a look, although it's hard keeping stuff in stock for long. I mostly deal in DS Lites and such, as those are simple and easy to fix.

I don't really have a whole lot to update with recently because of the new work I've been doing, but I have not yet lost faith in all my media projects. Don't forget me, this shits probably all going to be releasing at the same time.

I shall leave you with this teaser of a project I'm referring to as One Possible Future, because I like the idea of giving projects nicknames and I don't know if I can actually afford to make it happen. If it does, it will get a full work log as I'm doing it (including materials lists and such), which I enjoy doing and people seem to enjoy reading.

Who will survive?


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