Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Heyo, it's been over a year. It's almost like nobody blogs anymore and that all new media is some form of alalgamut facestagramtube or some bullshit like that. Anyway.

I started a podcast a while back, and I realized, I never actually wrote about it on my own website since nobody blogs anymore or some bullshit excuse like that. So now I'm doing it and you're reading it, Russian robot computer person. Welcome to America (I live in Japan, don't fuck with me).

I was obsessed with Unsolved Mysteries as a kid. I loved it and the X-Files in the same way: I was utterly terrified and fascinated in equal amounts, but now as an adult, I can appreciate both on a higher level.

Unsolved Mysteries is a completely insane show. Utterly fucking batshit insane. It's fantastic.

It displays stories, proven stories, complete with police evidence, on equal ground as things like ghost hauntings. These things are not equal. One thing has physical evidence, video footage, and basic science to back it up. The other thing was relayed to you as a child and what your drunk uncle rants about when he tastes the Jack Daniels on Christmas vacation. Shit's ridiculous. Think about it.

This is a show that actively help capture murderers and rapists and also it profiles ghost hunters.

So, in light of the modern obsession with true crime, and my hate-boner for ghost stories and myths, I started a podcast where I watch episodes of the show Unsolved Mysteries and sorta respectfully criticize it/make fun of how stupid it is, and expand on the stories with some updated research. It's honestly pretty nice to go back over 20 years later and see what happened to a lot of these criminal dicks after they were captured, and to also look at a lot of inquiry into the more psuedo-scientific claims the show sometimes makes. It's supposed to be a comedy show but I guess that's up to you. I think I can be funny...sometimes. Hey man don't be a dick sometimes I'm funny. C'mon dude don't be a dick, I try really hard at this. Dude, don't bring her up, she's my mom. Why would you say that shit when I'm just trying to laugh and have a good time? I invited you to Dan's party, and now you're just making shitty mom jokes the whole time when I'm talking about podcasting and creativity? What the fuck dude, I thought you were cool. Maybe you should find another ride home tonight...OK? Sorry dude that just really bothered me. I hope you understand.

Anyway, the podcast is here. I hope you try it out and listen to it for more than just a couple minutes. I do actually try to make it good.

Here it is!

I am still actually working on other projects...It's just hard to do this whole youtuber thing. I fucked up all my scheduling thing for the 8th time...but whatevs. I'm making stuff and working at my job. You get it, right bro? It'll all get done. One day.



Follow your dreams, look at stars, young man won't you try, yadda yadda, space is the place.




  1. I just recently came across your podcast and love it! I really hope you consider doing more. You mentioned in episode three that you didn't think it was funny enough, yet that's the episode I laughed the most at. I really think you have a good thing going and if you continue that more and more people will start listening.

  2. Hey, thanks Liz from Cleveland. That's very nice. I am currently writing episode four, should be done in a couple weeks at the worst.


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