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New shorter episodes will be released on the main feed of the SUM Podcast!

Hey everybody, how are ya? I just read my reviews on iTunes and now I feel sad inside. I'll complain about it later.

So, I'm making shorter episodes that will come out periodically. I was calling them mini-episodes, but they're really like 45-50 minutes.  These will be on the Patreon page ( one week early. I'm not sure how many I will do between each episode, but there's a nearly unlimited amount of things to talk about from just the first five episodes we already covered. My aim is to not have a dead feed, and to improve the pod by just doing more with it. I may eventually do more of these and have the main episodes come out rarely like before...I don't know yet. Leave feedback and tell me what you think.


This UPDATE to UPDATE episode of UPDATES is about Jon Yount and Joe Shepherd. I chose the two because they have really similar crimes, but with wildly different outcomes. Both have apologists online, and both died in prison. Also, I didn't go that great of a job covering either person in the original episodes because I don't really like making it a habit to go into the personal lives of rapist-murderers.

People often like to debate in random comments sections online about whether or not people like these are actually bad people, or good people that made bad choices. I'm not entirely sure myself, but I'm not sure that really matters either. If you can sexually assault and murder a young woman, and in Joe's case, two young teenagers, you've done something you can never undo. I'm not sure you can come back from that.

Does our need to forgive people for their actions come from our religion and culture? Is it some kind of psychological need to make the insane and enormity of a crime make sense? Is it really more moral to forgive someone for their crimes rather than leave them marked for life, or left in prison?

Is it OK to listen to Micheal Jackson's Thriller? Because I have it on CD, digital, cassette, and vinyl and it makes me feel very creepy and guilty.

Crime is a normal part of life. Criminals and perpetrators are everywhere. If everything they ever did is colored by their worst act, then I'm not sure we could enjoy much of anything. Then again, I don't think its a good idea to pretend it never happened.

I really have no idea, but it's an interesting topic to talk about (for about 48 minutes).


Full episode description at the bottom of the page, or on YT, and you can listen to the first one on YouTube right now! (It's a visualizer, there is no video this time.)

So...What? Why?

Anyway, for those of you who don't think this is the "worst podcast ever," I have started making and releasing shorter episodes. I can fill the gaps between the big main episodes and allow  me to sort of go more off topic, fix mistakes, or redo some stories I didn't research or explain very well the first time.

Even though there have only been five episodes, its been several years since I started this project and I think I finally figured it out, but that also means the earlier episodes are really different.

The last few episodes were better researched, and I included a lot of extra stuff. I put like 90-100 hours into making ep 4 and ep 5 each, but that includes a lot of video editing time and experimentation.

So like, that means they're less off-the-cuff, and take ten times longer to make than they probably should. I think it's a good idea to diversity the podcast a bit in order for it to keep going.

Some Complaining.

Podcasting democratizes long-form expression. Anyone can make one about any topic. Anyone can make a podcast, and sure, anyone can criticize me. I originally wrote a big rambling thing here about how nearly every negative comment I've received is actually...Well...It's fine. It's hard to make things and get things made. Sometimes you look back and realize it's not working so great. I have a lot of unfinished projects I was very excited about, then abandoned due to fear of criticism.

But unfortunately I have that weird thing in my brain that makes me want to make things even though it occasionally scares the shit out of me. I quit a lot of things, but I haven't quit this project yet. I'll keep trying to make it good, but it's always going to be something that I actually want to make. I do it 100 percent on my own, good or bad.

If you enjoy it, please tell people about it. It's only going to get better.



SUMPOD UU1 Episode One

Stories featured: Jon Yount deep dive, Joe Shepherd peed vide. I dunno man I'm exhuasted. OBVIOUS trigger warning for basically all the bad things you can imagine. RIP my search history.

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Songs: Magic Hour, Shadows. Both appear on PHANTOMS. CCBY4.0 


Song: Craving Ending, off the album Fluid. CC1.0 

 SOURCES: Jon Yount: --- 


Joseph (Joe) Arlen Shepherd: Photograph used was from Source unsure, but is a prison photograph.

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