Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oh, My Mecha Death Christ...

Welp. That was a fun two month absence from my blog again. Derp.

After much agony and possibly-giving-up-on-this-shit-oh-fuck I am 50% of the way through editing the BD review. I'm pretty much only doing it to prove to myself I can do it at this point. Not to say it won't be good, but it might not be good. Nah, it'll be fine. Probably. For sure, it'll be like 8 minutes.
I just need lots of coffee and the Pacific Rim soundtrack.

My concept for this was mostly about nods to X-play, and keeping it light hearted. I cut the script for this guy in half and rewrote it a few times. I am still not really sure how to balance me being stupid and actual criticism and details. It's a sort of trial run review to see what the hell I'm doing.
PROOF. Even has a fancy intro.

Aside from that, I've taken up video game console repair and the resale of games and etc. game things again. That means I'll be finishing some of my repair/mod videos I have footage in the can for from last year. That was poorly worded. Essentially, the youtube channel began out of my frustration for shitty DIY/Modding videos on youtube, so, I shot a few hours of footage of me doing shit that I never finished. The only video that was finished was the Genesis Mod 1 region changer. I have other shit, including more Sega repair stuff, because Sega stuff is legendary for capacitor failure.

I'll be selling said video game shit on my ebay store, which is linked on this site. Almost all of the things I sell are refurbished personally by me and tested endlessly because there is nothing I hate more than electronics that don't work like they're god-damn supposed to (see: Sega 32x). I am also willing to buy any broken game consoles you have, provided the price is right.
Also, my stupid idea to review Japanese games I can't understand is actually underway. I have 3-4 hours of gameplay ready to be edited into short little videos on how terrible I am at being a human being. It'll be fun! I'm starting out with some Famicom games (which I have plenty of) and then I'll move on to some PS3, Super Famicom (SNES), and MegaDrive (Genesis) games. Expect robots and lots of confused swearing. OH GOD, THE TRAIN-THEMED BOARD GAMES. WHYYYYYYyyy
One last thing: If you are into game reviews/youtube and that whole deal, the Angry Video Game Nerd is now getting an official video game (officially, it officially exists) and his movie is coming out before you know it. Check out Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures gameplay on youtube. That shit looks amazing. It's incredible that the guy that sort of inspired me (and lots of other people) to do their own reviews on things is now getting a damn movie and a video game based on his character. I don't aspire to that level of greatness (you have to like, finish your videos or some shit) but I'm super glad for the guy, and he'll probably be getting my money soon.
That's more or less all I have to say at the moment. I'm trying to keep myself motivated, but me being me, I create more work for myself than I can possibly do and then don't do any of it because there's something wrong with my brain.

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