Saturday, July 6, 2013

Youtube Madness

Hello there!

I've been struggling with getting my first dastardly creation, the Binary Domain game review, off the ground.

Firstly, I fucked up all my live action footage beyond reason in three different ways.
1. I fucked up my focus on my camera while shooting. I use a standard def screen to check my focus. Guess what? You can't tell the difference when it's out of focus.
2. Sound was totally jacked up for shit and there was all kinds of shit in it (if I'm being too technical, I apologize).
3. I can't fucking read. Jesus Zombie Christ, I can't fucking read.

This resulted in me buying a new, more mobile microphone, as well as a FiiO E6, to keep track of my audio more efficiently, as well as totally dumping and restarting on the video from scratch. Oh, by the by, if you shoot video on a Canon DSLR, look for a firmware mod called Magic Lantern. I finally decided to check it out and holy-fuck-did-it-make-a-difference.

I think I'm going to go ahead and push forward with the project in a different direction: Shorter videos, more self destruction, and tons of sexy green screen action! Shit.

The upside? I have approximately 45 minutes of the dumbest, least interesting footage anyone has ever shot in the history of the universe. I'll probably be making a blooper reel, as I like to laugh at myself. Jesus the Christ.

Anyway, here's this.

There was a whole thing about how there was a fly in the room and I was going to murder it with an Uzi. This is the genius, professional kind of comedy I generate. Weeeee!

I'll be working on this while crying through new episodes of a JonTronless Game Grumps.
Seriously though, Real Talk; Danny Sexbang is a beautiful replacement. :;--;:


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