Thursday, September 19, 2013

I made a comic: To Outer Space!

Hey, I bet you thought I'd never post any finished projects on this page ever again, huh?

Well you might be right.

Anyway, here's a comic I've been working on.
I've never made a comic before, so it's an experiment. Also, I kept quitting and redoing shit (are you noticing a pattern?) and at least one panel is just not great, but I felt like I had to just do what I could and get it posted and done with before it reached indefinite non-finishitude (see: "Jack, The Comic"). Yeah.

It's about being a kid in love with outer space and shit.

*9/20/13 Some words was spelled wrong, fixed it. Probz a good idea to spell chick shit.

As a kid, I was HUGELY inspired by Gundam and other things like it. I was in love with the idea of living in outer space, and that humanity could actually prosper out there, unconfined and open to so many possibilities. There is a video in particular, a much-run Toonami bumper, that probably really did it for me.

Hope you enjoyed it, at least a little bit.

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