Friday, April 20, 2012

Site Is Moving!

Hello! If you're still paying attention to me, then great news! This blog is being upgraded to a stand-alone wordpress style website at  I will leave this blog up for a while then take it back down and move all the articles to the new website.

The new site will have sections that deal with DIY fixing things, mostly game consoles probably, a huge section of youtube video reviews of games and whatever, and probably also comics, if I ever get off my lazy ass and finish one.

The original reason I really started this blog was to do comedy articles and teach people how to make things. That is essentially what the web site will be about. I want to have a large section dedicated to video game reviews because I'm super passionate about them, but I really want to bring things to the site that most people don't feature: How to keep your old video game consoles working.

Being a Sega fan means having to repair your own consoles. All the time. Always.

There are NO good guides out there for replacing broken parts, or figuring out what's wrong with your system if it's broken. The best we have are text guides hidden away in forums that you may or may not find on google. I want a place where all those projects are shoved in one spot. (#sexy)

We'll probably also feature articles about nerdy music or shit too. Whatever.

Anyway, big update for anyone who still finds this page looking for Protomen helmets and GameBoy modding and however else you found me.

This is likely the final update to this blog. Kinda sad to see it go. 



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