Sunday, January 22, 2012

Holy Crap, I have not had time for this.

Welp, I'm starting to post on here less and less, but I aim to try and develop this into a real website to host my tutorials, projects, and reviews.  I'd love to work with other people to get some articles on here eventually as well.  Whatever.

In the mean time...

I've potentially got another protoman helmet situation in the works as a part of a exhibit at University of Southern Indiana, but I'm not banking on that 100% right now due to how horribly random my brain is.

I have finally gotten a decent DSLR camera, so I can now upload brilliant HD photos and videos, so I have less of an excuse to produce How-To guides. 

I've gathered materials to build my own xbox360 street fighter style arcade controller, stay tuned for that build, because I haven't had the extra cash to set aside for it (I'm already in it for a decent amount of money).

Also, my computer is dying a slow, horrible death.  So it's that time again for me to mod and post guides up on how I build my work/play rig.  This time, it'll be water cooled. Blue and red paint will be used. As well as an NZXT Tempest 410 case.

I've also got some Gundam model kit tutorials and guides I want to post up sometime soon.  I've learned a lot online about how to paint them, but I've gotten pretty good at using shittier materials to produce as-good or almost as-good of results. 

Video game collection updates, reviews, and general chats about what to look for and how to repair game consoles will always be a part of the blog, I just haven't had time to document that sort of stuff in between binge eating pizza and pretending to be Batman.

So essentially...

In the coming months, I will be updating the blog into a real stand-alone blog site, which will feature monthly comics I draw myself, as well as articles about whatever from people I sorta know about things nerdy people will probably like.  I will make this my number one hobby time thing, which is hard because in order for it to function it requires ten other hobby type things to work. No matter, I shall press forward.

I don't have delusions of grandeur here. There are certain things I obsess over that I have a hard time locating on the internet, and there are certain tutorials and DIY projects I couldn't find and had to make them up as I went along, so I truly intend on helping out my fellow indoor-dwelling peoples.

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