Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GameBoy Shit Update!

It's been a damn while since I've gotten any damn news on my package from Nonfinite (I ordered shit April 12th, do the math there and you'll have nerdrage).  I ended up finding another sweet GB through my lovely girlfriend at her store. Its a pristine Play It Loud edition in black with red lettering. This was the most desirable one they made before the Gameboy Color came out. I was lucky to find it but it wasn't exactly the cheapest. It did however come with all the original shit. I'm debating on whether or not I should cannibalize it for music making or just leave it alone and let it be sexy. Life is just so goddamn hard sometimes, amirite? Shit.

Thar she blows. Original case and everything with a penned in purchase date just like my red one.

I don't know what this pic is but I started typing this before I realized it was shit.

All the stickers are there and look good.

I think this is everything that came with is save for the batteries.

These are all my gameboys. Two in the middle are the LSDJ projects.
Welp that's all for now. If I ever get my damn LSDJ I'll be posting my music on this blog but who knows when that'll happen.


  1. Do you have a or account yet?

  2. I was waiting before I started doing actual music work first. I have been quietly trolling 8bc and 8bitpeoples though.


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