Thursday, June 2, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 4)

Hello. Another round of primer is finally out of the way and I have officially made a housing for the speaker. I'm still working on how exactly I'll get the sound board installed in that thing but I'll get there.  The head piece is almost totally finished and just needs some small touch ups and fitment to the visor.  I'll finally get into town for the wire and spray tint tomorrow and I'll probably update this again either Sunday or Tuesday. I'll be sticking whatever I can together using money I got from selling a Beast Wars Transformer on amazon. Just thought I'd share that.

Anyway, young teenage girls below. 

Pictures. I meant pictures.

Initial fitment. Was too close to the outer helmet.

Used a torch to hollow out the hole and get it all nice.

Added some wonderflex and shit to build up a base for the speaker.

The ears and the head things.

I dont know why this is upside down. Looks much nicer eh?
More to come soon yo's.

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