Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 4.5)

Alrighty as a change of pace I am posting a terrible video of me explaining the audio. I kind of start to yammer on and I use a flashlight instead of a laser pointer but you'll understand basically whats happening. I think of myself as the Ed Wood of DIY videos.

There's a few photos updating how I installed the speakers and a few progress photos from earlier on that I forgot to post.

Earlier pic working on the head piece.
Slightly closer 

First pic of primer job

Mandible pices are finished being sanded and next need primer

Pic unrelated. I found a gold tooth on my dad's table. I have no fucking idea. Just thought I'd share that.

Speaker cable

Speaker nestled in there with some glue.

This is the audio board with the wonderflex cover on top of it.

Youtube Clip 1:
Youtube Clip 2:

Again I apologize for my rambling in the second video. Jay's coming over to help out tomorrow and we may get the visor tinted here soon. As always stay tuned and other shit or whatever. 

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