Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 3.5)

Well, I may have been a bit fast when I said filler and primer are done. I decided to redo some of it earlier today and I didnt bother taking pics because nobody but me will notice the difference, but it will give a nicer paint job in the end.

Anyway. Dick jokes.

What I did end up taking pics of is some of my work on the electronics side of the helmet. I installed the two switches for the LED lights which we are still trying to get ready from Jace. I'm going to try and wire in a small PA system in the head this week if I can find somewhere around here that sells the kind of wire I need. I'll probably post progress 4 tomorrow or Friday. We're in the home stretch but that may take the longest. Stay tuned. Shit is going down.

LED switches in the rear there installed.

The primer came off there, this would be the main reason I resprayed it all.

I had to hack away a lot of the padding to get those in there. Will have to buy some fabric to repair it.

Battery cover. I had to make it out of scraps of wonderflex. I then left it in my goddamn car so it melted and I had to do it a third time. I may just fiberglass it so that doesnt happen again.

Better shot of it.

This is what goes behind there above the switches. This holds 3 9v batteries.

Just testing the battery. But all sideways.
There wasn't really much to put in this post but it saves me from making a huge one at the end of the week. I'll upload more later.

I ain't gettin' paid for this shit whatever.

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