Thursday, May 26, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 3)

Hello. I have just finished the primer coat on the helmet and gotten all of the filler shit done on the main body.  I started work in finishing up the ear pieces (FINALLY) and the mouth piece is getting sanded and primer by the weekend. Enjoy pics. That was not a question.

Head piece after lots of filler.

Looks like poo but I shall put several hours of work into making it not look like poo.

Removed the face plate.

Left side of the face. Stenciled is where the ear pieces go.

First round of filler. Don't worry, it gets better.

First round on the back.
Primer coat. Forgot to show what the filler job looked like after the 4-6 rounds of it.

Notice how you cant see the outlines anymore. Ballersauce.
Glassed on the ear pieces so they would conform to the mask better. It's on a smooth surface so when it dries it'll just break off and I can sand and paint it.

As I said, when it dried I just yanked 'em off and now they fit onto the mask much tighter without the huge gaps.

Will have to cut away the excess fiberglass so I can fit the LEDs in there.

Well, that's all I really have to say for now. Keep and eye out for when we get the electronics in, I've contracted Jace to do the hard work on that. I'll be soldering together an audio board and speaker in the next week so this thing can be used like a portable PA with a mic in the helmet. Also you can hook up music players to it, so you could be dressed as Protoman while playing music from The Protomen in your helmet.

Wondernerd powers activate.

Form of a meganerd.
Shape of a giant cock. (Ladies.)

Good day.


  1. hey man, im also doing a protoman get up as well but im kinda still in the beginners phase of constructing, so a quick question is what sort of tools would i need to get started. such as good to use cutting tools for the helmet and filler for making the helmet a solid round surface, any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

  2. For main cutting I used a dremel with carbide disc cutter wheels. You may find discs more suited for plastic at home depot. Absolutely wear glasses or goggles while doing it because it throw molten plastic in all directions. Not fun. The kind of filler I use on projects like this is just Bondo brand short strand fiberglass filler. You can get it at walmat. You'll need some of the plastic spreaders there too, and a surface to mix the concoction upon. When applying filler sand rough down to the actual fiberglass base of the helmet body so it will stick. General trimming and cutting requires a blade, and I use a large X-acto utitlity knife that takes trapezoidal blades. They're strong and sharp enough to cut through solid plastic and fiberglass. You'll also need lots of sandpaper at various grits. I may write up a post about exact materials and some methods because I've gotten a few questions on how I did it. Check in every now and again.


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