Sunday, February 27, 2011

This week in old shit: Batman Returns Toothbrush.

Alright I found this at my dad's, its an original Batman returns electric toothbrush with sounds.  The sounds are clearly recorded by some random guy imitating Batman, Penguin, and Catwoman (yes, he pretends to be Catwoman, what the fuck, right?) followed by an incredibly loud recording of the Batmobile. Or the apocalypse.

Anyway the toothbrush itself is long gone and so are the little bristle things. But we can still laugh at poor voice acting! Right guys? Fuck you.

This has apparently sat in my dad's bathroom for the past 18-19 goddamn years, I'm surprised it still works.

Anyway, enjoy the terribleness!


  1. It must have been hard to get you to brush your teeth as a kid.

  2. Well I may or may not have secretly destroyed said toothbrush using ninja stealth, so I can't directly comment on the matter. :D


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