Sunday, February 27, 2011


Welcome you dirty peasants. This is Destructo-Blog. This is a brand new idea I had about posting actual shit and interesting things I do and the people around me do in one place instead of organizing everything into obscurity.  I will eventually get the page looking nice and put links up to all my other internet things I have my fingers in (pornhub?). Eventually I'll get a camera and link this blog to a youtube account but that's a bit far away. Until then, I'll post up a few of my minor projects and when summer rolls around I'll be doing all sorts of shit.  Until then, check my facebook, twitter, or your blogger feed if you have one for updates and shit or whatever.

The different thing about this blog is I will be eventually posting music and article I write about random shit on here as well as photos and shitty videos on random epic nerd projects such as my recent activity discovering old toys and shit that might be fun to make fun of myself over (as well info on my epic video game collection).

If this becomes lame and boring like me in person I may just close the account but whatever alright.

Fuckin' whatever.

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