Sunday, August 24, 2014

Microscopic Update

Another update without actual content? Yup.

Update to my last update: Forget all that shit.

1. One Possible Future is done. The article is in-progress, the only reason it isn't finished is because I ran out of free time today and still wanted to write this article about how I don't have free time--what the fuck am I doing?

2. Protoman Helmet DIY is nearly done. I have the article about 85% done, and I might even cut together some video for it. I'm not even going to estimate when it'll be done, but I now have time in the middle of the day to work on this site, thus this update.

3. Famicom Twin repair is officially Half Life 3. Google and you will find a recent article and video that does nearly everything I was going to do in mine and works well enough to explain how to repair a Famicom Twin/Famicom Disk System.

4. Untitled Video Game Project is officially Half Life 3 as well. I just couldn't get it to work. I have tons of footage and hours worth of possible content but I can't figure out the format for it, so it's just gonna sit on my hard drive for a while.

5. Super Secret Video Series. There is a video series I've been planning for almost two years that I've never mentioned, and is part of why all my updates are super slow and stupid and non-existent on here. The first footage of that is going to come out December-February. I hope you like giant robots.

6. Branching out.
Seriously, it's not that I'm not doing a ton of projects all the time, I just wasn't posting them here. One of the major things I've been working on is my car. Why not post my car stuff on here? It's not nerdy. But know what? That's bullshit. Cars are actually pretty nerdy when you think about it, especially my cars. I'm going to start putting a series together for my car project, a 1991 Miata restoration/mod. If you don't care you can just not read it, that's totally cool. I do other shit like that too, like at-home gunsmithing and making my own beef jerky, so that other stuff will make it up here too. I want to actually post to this blog, so I'm going to. I do everything, so this blog's gonna have all that stuff on it.

Also, I am officially returning to college tomorrow. 3 days per week I will have nearly two hours free in the middle of the day once or twice a day every week. I intend to spend that time organizing this blog better and actually posting all the articles/builds I've been compiling and not releasing for the past two years. I have 2 TB of game footage, pictures, written articles, DIY tips, and buttloads of other stuff I just haven't quite finished enough to post here. I'm thinking of enlisting some help getting it done as well, that'll be nice.

Don't give up hope, it's all we got.

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