Friday, May 2, 2014

Tiny Update

Good morning.

How are you? Did you have pancakes today? Good.

I am still working on all the projects I have going on here (I think there are 7 of them, one of them is about 30 hours in) and I am also working 40-48 hours per week, so if you thought posting once every two months was shitty, welcome to the fucking THUNDERDOME of slack. Anyway.

  1. Binary Domain Review (v2.0) is now up. 
    1. It contains extra visual jokes and lots of audio fixes. 
      1. Since I compress about 5 layers of audio in this review, it compresses strangely, and throws lots of errors I can't figure out. For instance, I can only hear all of the audio channels on my mobile phone by plugging in a set of headphones. 
      2. People reported issues understanding me and the music being too loud, so I changed those things.
  2. One Possible Future is back on track
    1. I have finally found some affordable parts. I think the holidays had drastically increased the prices on NES parts, and thankfully used NES consoles can now be had for sane amounts of money, and in greater numbers.
    2. Any paintwork can now be done at home, due to the warm weather.
    3. Tweaking the board modding and deleting the idea to use red LEDs.
  3. Untitled Video Project
    1. I have an untitled video game video project that should come out late next month. It involves Famicom games and the frustration of not understanding Japanese. I'm not confident enough to go further on the name or the content yet. It looks too much like a shitty version of AVGN right now, which is not my aim. This might get recycled as something else in the future.
  4. Famicom Twin Repair 
    1. This is another project that might get abandoned again, due to my lack of confidence in it's quality. I bought a Famicom Twin by Sharp and explain how to remove the diskette drive and replace broken parts. Part of it will be animated. It's sitting at 40% completion right now.
  5. Protoman Clean-up
    • It's literally been years since I made a similar update saying a Protoman/Megaman helmet creation guide was imminent, and I never finished it. I am going to gather up all my resources and put something out in the next couple of months. It's sort of what started this blog up, so I think it would be a good idea.
** DestructoShop
    • The original idea for this blog was to be a place where people could look at mods to things and learn how to do simple projects on their own. I had also played with the idea of selling things through here for people who simply aren't interested in DIY but want cool DIY'd things other people made. I've been talking with friends about setting up a small shop where I sell modded gameboys and cosplay bits and stuff like that. And t-shirts. This might not go ahead for a long while.
    • I DO have my amazon/ebay stores linked where I do already sell refurbished consoles and games. If for some reason you want one I touched all over, for some reason, you can do that.
Unfortunately that's all I have for now, without going into boring personal bullshit.

Did you put syrup and butter on those cakes, dawg?
Yeah, you know you did BRO.


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