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Figure Review: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Basilisk figure

This is one of the few reviews I've seen (in English) for one of these figures. I really wanted to buy one or all of them, and it was really hard to track down specific reviews, so I decided I would try to stay focused for five minutes and write a semi-coherent one.

The figure I'm reviewing, specifically, and stay with me here, is the Square-Enix Play Arts: Kai-- Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Basilisk/Peace Walker figure. Ok.

Some background:
I first heard about Metal Gear when it was new, but I for some reason never bothered. Was probably too busy playing Resident Evil 2 for the thirtieth time. When MGS2 came out and I saw the Metal Gear Ray do a backflip into the ocean, I knew the series was something I had to look into. I now have a copy of nearly each game from Metal Gear (NES), to the GameBoy color edition, and the MGS4 Limited Edition. I'm only leaving out Acid 1/2, and Portable Ops/Plus for PSP.

I've also completed about 60-65 Bandai Gundam Model kits, and was at one point a very avid collector of all types of tiny plastic robots. I still display my favorite two in my room. An addition to that, I used to collect a variety of action figures in my youth, including the entire original Resident Evil collection. 

I hadn't bought anything like this in many years, but I always promised myself if Konami ever released any model kits or good action figures of these mechs, I would buy them. Well, in 2010, some really great stuff came out. This is one of those thingies.


The figure is packaged in a very artsy window-box. It provides about any info you'd need on the box, if you read Japanese, and still a decent amount if you speak English (let's assume since you are reading this you understand English).

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a little Peace Walker booklet in bag that contains a super secret downloadable character, but it's only for Japanese region. Inside this booklet unfolds a separate sheet used to transform the Peace Walker from two-legged combat mode to four-legged nuclear launch mode.

When you open the plastic shells, you will notice it comes with a nice translucent stand. This is pretty much necessary if you want your figure in two-legged mode. 

The Basilisk comes in four-legged mode already, so all you gotta do is pull it out of the package.


The figure is ridiculously highly omegadetailed. Seriously. I am a model kit guy, I don't bother with figures usually because I like to build and paint them myself. This thing doesn't need special treatment. It comes out of the box with battle damage, painted panel lines, and a fine overall paint job.

"Initializing nuclear launch sequence."


This figure has an amazing amount of options. There is a vast amount of posing options, the missile covers actually open (but not the nuclear pod, for some reason), the EM pulse generator works like it does in the game, and just about any part is removable and replaceable with other parts from the other mechs in the Play Arts Kai line. You could, say, take the railgun from the Chrysalis and place it on the peace walker, or give the nuclear missile launcher to Zeke, or give the Chrysalis more missiles from the Peace Walker. You can even swap legs and heads if you want. Also, all AI pods pop off like in the game (but they don't fly away, unfortunately). Also, the flamethrowers (or as we MG nerds call them, the penis guns, just about all MGs have them, get used to it) rotate 180* and are highly detailed.

Firing Drill Missiles

"Firing missiles."

Firing missiles behind itself. Can't hide from this shit, dammit.

The EM pulse generator actually exposes itself. Sexily.


AI pods. Reptile and Mammal pods are slightly different (mammal is in the front).

The nuclear missile launcher and the guided missile/drill missile launchers both come off.

The top body section is removable from the frame very easily.

The legs also detach at the leg and at the extended hip joint, so they are removable in two ways.

This leg is pretty much the same as the Zeke. You will notice in this pic there are holes for armor plates.

Final thoughts? Well, its made out of PVC, so its really strong and solid. The joints are a little weird because they're so small, so I wouldn't play with this like a toy, but at this price, why the hell would you do that? Also, the port covers on the missile launcher are sticky, be careful when you open them the first few times. I think it looks awesome on my desk, and I wouldn't mind spending more cash on a few more of them to decorate my room. Also, the idea that I can create my own custom version of each of the mechs is pretty great marketing, and I totally got sucked into the idea of it.

There are only two things I would change about this figure.
1.   The nuke launcher port cover doesn't open. Not a huge deal, but since everything else works like it should, why forget this detail? Seems weird.
2.   The price/availability. I got a deal on mine on for about $68.00 shipped. Some places list them as high as $70-100USD BEFORE shipping. If you're reading this and these are sold out everywhere, look on Square-Enix's online shop, they are the only ones who keep all of the models in stock, but shipping is a lot more than you would find elsewhere.

Bottom line is this: Don't buy this if you aren't obsessed with Metal Gear/some kind of collector. It's too damn expensive otherwise. Or maybe you just got money to burn, in that case, do it.  If you want something for your kid, absolutely do not, DO NOT BUY THIS FOR YOUR KIDS.  For the love of god, listen to me. The parts are tiny, the figure is hard to transform (because of the sticky joints) and if it gets broken, you're probably not fixing it, and its too expensive to replace

These are meant for adults with an unfortunately adult price point. You get a lot of articulation and detail for the money, but most people still wouldn't pay this much for a 6" tall robot. Collectors will probably buy anyway. I did, and I will again, but I'm an idiot, collector, robot enthusiast. There are cheaper ones such as the Chrysalis and the Pupa that are more in the 40-50 dollar range, and they are plenty cool, but if you want a true Metal Gear, you gotta pay more for the Peace Walker or the Zeke.

I am very happy with my purchase. I really love Peace Walker the game, and Peace Walker the mech.
I am accustomed to spending money on things I don't need, so the price bothered me but not so bad I couldn't buy it, obviously. I it really looks great on my desk, and I'm happy Konami finally figured out that there was a huge freaking demand for these things.

Anyway, that's my review. I tried to answer questions I had about it that nobody else answered. Feel free to ask questions, I always respond to them given I can understand them.
I'll leave you with thoughts about nuclear deterrence accompanied by some closing pics.

This is the pose I chose. I'm a rapper g's.

Ignore the creepy shirtless person in the mirror. If I wasn't so lazy I'd photoshop that guy out. 
The details are amazing here.
Thanks for reading. You can go to the bathroom now.

Here's a link to the amazon product page.

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