Monday, October 24, 2011

Protoman Requests/Responsies/Ego Stroking

Hello internets. It's been quite a while since I've posted on here (the death-eater mask keeps getting pushed back because of things like Arkham City) and I thought I should post a few things that people have been asking me about.  Protoman related. Blah, blah, shit. Anyway.

  1. Yes, I will build you a Protoman/Megaman/whatever helmet to your specifications. It'll probably cost you around $100 dollars, it's hard to say exactly how much because it'll be commission work.  Here's what needs to go down, though.  
I don't remove posts, I just edit them. I will no longer be taking helmet requests. They take to goddamn long to make and it's bullshit to make people wait to song for something. Sorry. But I will list the materials list here up and I will still answer any questions you have with my best braincells.

  •   This first part is on you.  Figure out your helmet size.  If you just pick a helmet that may or may not fit, we would have just wasted a lot of money and time.
  •   Ship me your helmet. I'd rather not go out and buy one and have you not pay me, or have to postpone the project and I'm left here with materials I can't use. If you get your fitment done and you find one online that you like, paypal me the money and the link for it and I'll buy it and just ship it here myself.
  •   Pay me and I will work for you.  I have PayPal.  Every time I work on your helmet I will send you photos to prove to you I'm doing the work. I don't want a bad reputation, but I don't want to do work for no money either.  If you prefer to pay me a chunk of money straight up that's fine.  I'll be sending you a statement detailing exactly what I did and how many hours each step took to verify that I'm not just taking your money.
  •   Pay me for materials.  I keep very good records for projects like this. I will scan receipts for you and package them in .pdf or a folder of .jpgs for you to prove to you what I'm buying.  I want everything to be completely transparent.
  •   Cancellations.  If at any time you decide you don't want the helmet any more, I will request payment for the materials I've used and work I've done to even us out.  If you want your incomplete helmet back, and you've paid me up for the work I've done, I'll send it back to you.
  •   Finishing the project.  I will only ship you your helmet once you have paid for everything. Projects like this take a lot of time and effort to complete, I just want to make sure I'm getting paid. When I ship you your final helmet I'll have it weighed and you can paypal me for the shipping costs.  It will most likely be packed pretty tightly and will include documents of the receipts and the full work statement included. 
  •   Tell your nerdy friends.  I do enjoy having projects out there for people to see. I love having my own little blog things like this, and I intend to update it as often as I can.  Referring me to your friends will keep projects like this alive.  With your permission, I'd also like to write up a work log for the blog to show everyone else what you've ordered.
  2. Materials.  You've seen pictures of them, but I guess I've never gotten around to posting exactly what I bought. Here's an approximate list of the stuff that went into this helmet. Ignore the red text.  Well, ignore the fact it's red. Not the words.

  • Helmet (derp)
  • PVC ear piece (custom cut and shaped): X2
  • Plastic Drain Insert (inner ear piece): X2
  • Craft wood (green inserts, cut into circles)
  • Double Sided Outdoor 3M tape: 1 roll
  • Hot Glue: -donated-
  • 18/20 ga. wire: -donated-
  • On/Off switch: x1
  • 9v power connector: x1 (comes in a pack of three)
  • 9v battery: x1 (can buy your own, I guess)
  • Small Wonderflex Sheet (21"x13"): x1 <----this is if you want the white head piece mounted to the visor as a separate piece, and it is used to make the battery compartment
  • Foam Weatherstripping: x1 Roll -donated-
  • Foam Padding: -donated-
  • Short Strand Fiberglass Filler: -donated-
  • High-Build Automotive Primer: x1 can
  • Enamel Red Spray Paint: x1 can
  • Krylon Flat White: x2 cans
  • Lacquer Clear Coat: x1 can
  • Glass Tinting: x1 Can <---Stuffs 16 dollars. If you use the stock shield on a helmet it will be clear--so we tinted Jay's. Some people use over-sized glasses; you pick.
  • 400/800/1200 grit sandpaper: -most likely donated-
  • Hyper Bright Green LEDs: x8 or x10
  • Pack of Resistors: x1 pack (may have some left over but I'm not sure, only need 8 or 10)
  • 5v Regulator: x1
  • Mini Blank Circuit Board: x1 (may still have one of these too, if not they sell them at Radioshack)
  • Extraneous Dremel bits that may explode during use (cutter wheels literally explode when they overheat)
  • Black cloth to cover up wires/battery cover/whatever. You don't need this, but you may want it.
  • Arduino programmable board
  • Condenser Microphone
  • RadioShack mini-amp
  • Male-male audio cable
Anyway here's the two most asked questions about the project. Feel free to comment, I always hop on here and answer.

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