Sunday, September 4, 2011

Death Eater Mask 2/Randomness

Hello, it's been a bit since I've posted in here, but I've been busy.
Firstly, I have made my first cast of the death eater mask already, and its been sitting around for a while getting worked on when I get time. Secondly, I'm devoting my money to buying useless collectible figures (DAMN YOU METAL GEAR PEACE WALKER SQUARE ENIX KAI FIGURES).

I'm also trying to secure one of those awesome FOXHOUND coats for Halloween from, but the funds are low and so is morale. All of this, if it happens, will end up on here in some fashion. Also, I've been looking online for Metal Gear figures/statues/models for while, and apparently this year is the first time they've ever made them commercially available. This lead me to some geniuses who made some accurate LEGO Metal Gears, and led me to make my own TX-55 out of lego.

So it's been Metal Geary. Eh.

Anyway, the death-eater update.
No pic of the mold itself, but this is the glassed in mask in the mold

The mask being pulled out of the mold

After it was cut and sanded, the bottom left of the cheek is indented because theres nothing there. The mold broke as I was glassing.

I filled the broken part up there by the chin with filler

Pic of the mouth cut out. The line wasn't a part of the original drawing, but it was impossible with the tools I have to cut little notches in each section, so I just cut a line there.

And I even have pics of the Lego TX-55 AKA "YellowToe":
Removable nuclear warheads from the missile pak

The warheads

What's up.

comparo of the lego and the spec drawing (i drew a smiley face on it)

Ballin. Looks a bit like the MadCat from mechwarrior here

That's all the nerdy shit I got for you today. Be sure to subscribe because I'll be stepping up the posts here soon again.

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