Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 2)

Hello all (3 people)! Today I have uploaded a few more pics of the Protoman helmet. It looks pretty much the same but I've spent about twelve goddamn hours more on it.  I've updated the ear pieces which need to be painted, filled the holes in the front of the mask, and also got the basic idea of the white brow on the helmet pretty much done. I had trouble with it, and I think I may add some fiberglass to it to make it more solid.  More to come in a few days.


  1. Hey! This looks amazing! What did you cover the mouth opening and the top decoration with?

  2. Thats all wonderflex qhich was later roughed up and coated with short strand fiberglass filler and shaped with a sanding block. Check around in my timeline and theres a recent post that lists all the materials

  3. If you buy a helmet that does not have the DOT certification...it means you are buying something that doesn't even meet the minimum standard of safety requirements BORN TO RIDE' HELMET.


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