Monday, May 9, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 1)

 Creating Protoman's Helmet

Jay contracted me to build a Protoman helmet (from Megaman) because of his love for the band Protomen.  Check 'em out here.  Anyway, this is a worklog for the helmet I'm building for him. He helped a little (gayly).

 Some Context
He chose a modular helmet, and I was asked to use the visor and the modular rotation feature these have (the whole face lifts up with the visor).  It isn't a 100% look alike to the Protoman helmet but it's a very direct interpretation of it combined with what we have here.  Jay wants to incorporate speakers/PA system and LED lights in it also, those will come a bit later, as I'll need a bit of help figuring out how it should be wired.  Anyway, eventually I'm going to fill in the holes and paint the thing a candy ish red color. The ubiquitous white headpiece will be made out of wonderflex and wire, that will be one of the final pieces to go on.

Enjoy my current progress after a couple days of working on it now and again.

Progress Photos
Taped up the areas to mark off what needed to be cut

The mouth and part of the visor gets cut out.

Awkward pic of Jay in the helmet and also his Protomen shirt, which may or may not have been coincidental.

Just after being cut up. Sitting on my Pokemon TCG mat, fuck yeah.

The ends will be covered in wonderflex and painted black or red.

Some supplies to build the ear pieces...
Cut a pvc end cap and a plastic drain basket up and fit them together...

More or less what it will look like as one piece

Comparo to the pic I'm using...
Test fitting. They are much too wide, gonna have to cut them down again.

Another angle. You can tell they need to be sliced down almost another inch.

 That's all I have for today. Tomorrow will involve re-cutting the ear pieces and gutting of the interior to fit in the electronics. Also will have to start sanding and filling in the holes left by the vents I removed.  Stay tuned. I'm tired.


  1. Hi, great work with the helmet so far. I want to follow along and create one as well, but first I have to find that helmet. Would you happen to know what it is called?


    My friend Jay bought that one kind of against my judgement. Its an expensive helmet to be cutting around on. Some people have actually found helmets with the visor that slides down from the inside, this is actually the kind Protoman has. You should be able to find a cheaper helmet than that to start work on. I would only recommend that one if you truly want the modular rotation. That feature, though, has made this project about 1/3 harder than it had to be. Just a fair warning my friend. You may want to subscribe to this blog for further posts, I think I'm going to start posting exact materials and how to apply filler properly and a few other tips. Stay vigilant.

  3. AH I forgot the most important part. If you haven't bought a helmet before find a place where you can try them on before you buy. For the love of god do not just order one and expect it to fit. Helmet sizes are weird.

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  5. Thanks! Do you have any recommendations for a helmet with a slide up visor? I just subscribed and look forward to seeing more of the helmet and future projects.

  6. Personally I would just search the internet for helmets that look right then eliminate them by price. I dont have specific recommendations since I really didn't have to do that step myself.

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  8. hehe cool thing dude :3
    this will help me make my cosplay


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