Tuesday, August 18, 2015

MECHA REVIEW: My Dumbest Project to Date!

Yeah I'm still not done with like 5 other things I've announced on this page, but at current I am actually still working on a bunch of stuff at once.  With that out of the way...

MECHA REVIEW.  Planning this, for like two years at least now, is a big reason why a lot of other shit I flirt with on here doesn't get finished.  Now, I actually have a lot of stuff done for this project and I can start shooting stuff and stuff.  Shit.  I'm at a loss right now.

Oh, right.  The show is basically a characterized version of myself in the future/breaking the fourth wall inside a mech cockpit talking about Gundam and other mecha anime/video games/books/etc. and trying to make new fans and make old fans laugh.  Yes, I've already received mean criticism.

I finished...kind of...the set, and I've shot some stuff and cobbled together some test images and a teaser I threw together supafast at 4AM.  Below I'll throw out some progress pictures and that other stuff.

This is my biggest project ever.  I'll be releasing the Protoman DIY video here soon, and after that a few little dudes here and there that I've been fucking with for the last few years, then it'll be pretty much just Mecha Review stuff for a while.  I'm kinda tired of doing guides and DIY stuff, as you may have figured out, since I haven't actually released 3 I've fully shot and almost finished editing before petering out.  Honestly, it's brutal to put together because I do things so sporatically. This will be nice and easy.  I make a script, shoot it in the basement, then edit.  Bam.  No more angling for shoot times/work times, no more hunting for junk, no more sad, desperate posts like 'I'M DOING THINGS STILL'. I'm just gonna have me some fun. And I hope you have fun, too. And poop.  Because poop is funny.

Build Started on July 22nd with cardboard prototyping and making some pieces and is totally finished by August 17th with only a few minor details to fix up. It took about 70 hours. Almost everything is hand made, and everything was cut and customized with hand tools.

My personal favorite touch is a shifter from a 69 Camaro, just like my parents had when I was a kid.

Not pictured are the bolsters I made to make the seat more comfy.

 Above is the aforementioned teaser video I made from my first bits of test footage.

What's left? Well, power.  This thing runs a few LEDs and switches, and eventually it will be chock full of little lights and gizmos, but I'm pretty much out of budget.  It also requires stands on each of the control panels because they wobble. There's pretty much nothing else I can do to fix that without anchoring or standing them off directly from the floor. Also, I'd like to put seatbelts and a little cupholder on it.  Maybe stickers of kittens. Heh.

I have a draft ofof the first couple episodes written, and I'll be shooting more test footage for that once my costume is all done.  I'll be back soon!


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