Saturday, July 9, 2011

Progress Eight: Project Close


Everything is together, everything works. It should be cleaned up a bit on the inside but that's pretty much it.  Jay came and got it earlier today and we took a short video showing everything working. Again I don't have a camcorder so the quality isn't amazing and the sound is kinda bad. Anyway, it took a long time to finish it and I learned a lot as I went. If I had to build another I could probably do it about twice as fast, now that we got what we need to do figured out instead of redoing things multiple times. Anyway, Jay will be wearing this helmet at the Protomen show tomorrow night and hopefully nobody will rip it off of his head and smash it. I would murder ten babies before I allow that shit to go down. Anyway, enjoy the couple of pics we took and the video. We will most likely post one more large post and video about everything we did but that may be a while away.

Thanks for following the project to those who did and don't be afraid to leave comments or questions.

Jay wearing the helmet with the green lights, strobe, and speaker on. He's playing a Protomen song.

Edit: Google video sometimes refuses to load so heres a youtube link to the same video

Fits a little weird on him but motorcycle helmets rarely look right unless you're wearing a leather jacket or something.


  1. Looks awesome! You've done a fantastic job on this. Can't wait to see/hear it live!

  2. I saw this helmet at the show and would like to have one commissioned (it doesnt have to have the flashing LED lights on the front), How much would I be looking at to get one?

  3. Oh boy. Anywhere between $100-200 dollars. If you want just a helmet with no special features I'm not sure. His had two sets of LEDs and a integrated speaker with I/O and a built in microphone. That ate up a lot of the cost for it (he spent like 300 dollars).

    What specifically would you like?

    Feel free to email me at or contact me via facebook (kris leisman) and we can figure something out.

  4. Awesome! Glad you guys were able to finish it.

  5. I know it's kind of an odd request, considering the age of this post, but you've made the best Protoman helmet I've ever seen. Would you be willing to make another for commission?

    1. alwaysthehero,
      I am officially working on my final commission currently, I can't make the time to do these anymore, so I've decided to just stop making them for people. The last commission I made took over a year and I don't want to be that guy.
      However, if you're brave, subscribe/follower/whatever this blog. I am currently making a guide on how to create your own using things you can buy at Wal-Mart and home depot for under $250. I don't know for sure when the guide will be finished, but it includes tips,tricks, and video on how I create stuff like this.

      So, I'm sorry, but I can't make you one. But, if you or a friend would like to try to make one, keep your eyes open for that upcoming post and hopefully it will take all the guess work out of making things like this.

      Thanks for checking out the site,


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