Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Forgotten Project: Custom DS

Kinda forgot to post about this on here. My girlfriends's co-worker Xavier's little sister (stay with me) broke her NDS Lite in half. I bought a new screen, case, R4i card, and dug out a 4GB card. I replaced all the broken shit and put it all back together and am now running custom software on it. Just started with the DS hacking thing, so we'll see what I can do with it.
Destroyed screen left, new screen right.

Right after I installed the screen.

Sticking the screen together

Charging for the first time with the new charger
This is the package I received for the new case. Yes the crappy screwdrivers came with it.

Paint job is nicer than the official Nintendo ones I've seen.

Sliced my finger on the Slot 2 metal tab thing on the bottom on the NDSL.


Polished and waxed later. It keeps it from being scuffed in your pocket.

Used black screen protectors and buttons, looks cool.

Chessmaster is the icon for the R4i card. Not sure why it doesn't have its own icon.

Fuck yeah Batman Returns! FUCK YOU PENGUIN
It took a little time but its all together. Well, cept for the microphone. It was destroyed and unrepairable. It costs $4.00 for a new one, may just not bother. If i need to use a mic online (if you can even do that) I'll use a headset.

If I decide to do some custom paint (which was my original intention until seeing how nice the paint was) I'll post an update and a link to that update in this post if I remember.

If you want to fix/mod your DS a little bit yourself, I found a very good set of instructions for you:

NDSL disassembly/reassembly guide -

I've used it to fix two different NDSLs. Happy modding. 

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