Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Protoman Helmet (Progress 5)

Alright! I painted the goddamn mask and tinted and polished the goddamn visor. I've been working my ass off on this thing lately and its good to finally see it come together. Ish.  I think I may rough up the helmet and apply some more clear coat though because it came out a little spotty. The color I achieved is from layering white, then silver, then translucent red, then red orange. It looks red or orange depending on what lighting you have. Whatever. Anyway once I put another few more hours in here I'll get some close up shots of it and hopefully it'll look better.

Ignore my supple naked torso.

It's mirrored about as well as I can do.

These pieces in their thin silver over white coat thing.


I was going to leave it this color but it dried about twice as dark as it looks in the photo.

This is after all the colors and then red-orange with clear coat on top

The clear coat I got is matte and doesn't go on very smooth...


Beginning polish, decided to stop and add more clear coat later

You can see here that it didn't come out smooth

I decided to mock the whole thing up with tape again just so I had something to show off...

This one is pretty great..

You can actually see all the layers in this photo finally

Probably the angle most people will see it from.

You can see the speaker holes more than I thought you would, but Jay is a giant and you'd have to be looking down on him to see them.

Different lighting. Also the other ear thing fell off.
By the end of the week I SHOULD be done with all the painting. Should. We're getting so close, don't give up now readers.  You should give up some cash though cause this shit is a lot of work.
Seriously pay me.


  1. /grabby hands

    WTB how much :3

  2. I quoted another guy at about 200 not including the actual helmet which you'd have to buy yourself for fitment. Half that is materials. I just figured out how to make decent plaster molds and cast in fiberglass, so if I can get access to the original mask from my pal I could make the pieces for cheaper but it would still hover just under 200 dollars. I think this one took like 25 hours to build or something insane like that but a basic one without all the stuff would be only around ten man hours I think.

  3. I'm throwing money at the screen but nothing's happening.

  4. hey man, how much would cost you to make one and send it? international shipping, because this could become a good business, you have talent Friend!
    Greetings from Peru.
    PS: Use the Google translator hehe.
    PD2: if you do you give for materials, shipping and labor (of course haha)

    1. Thank you very much, but I've gotten really busy with my day job and I don't have time do these anymore. I will be posting a more detailed guide on how to make one on my site in a few months. I have two helmets in production now and they take half a year--which is too long.

      Sorry I can't help you directly, but currently there is just no time to make and sell them anymore.

  5. ok, you should do a tutorial on how to do this

  6. It looks awesome ¡¡¡¡
    Wich material do you used for the glasses ?

    1. This one is made from a motorcycle helmet visor. I made a big how-to to make your own a few years ago. https://youtu.be/8YA-5JL1a94


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