Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'll just leave this here.

Shhh, secret blueprints.

Hybrid of the Bellatrix mask and another mask.
Saw the last episode of IndyMogul's BFX where they made a fiberglass death eater mask from Harry Potter. I decided I could easily do that.

So, my girlfriend couldn't decide what to wear on Halloween and I spotted this and I was like all looking for something to do Halloween wise and like you know like so there.

Wooorst post ever.

Stay tuned for super awesome updates in the coming weeks on that, I promise to have a halfass full build up for it on here as I create it and no more awful posts like this one you're reading.

In other Halloween news, I have decided to become one of two things:

Big Boss (Young Boss with old outfit, probably, cause its cooler)

Psycho Mantis w/Coat (May buy a mask or make one OR buy one and customize it oh yeah +1 me good job good job roflol)

 Anyway since this is the worst post ever it might as well be a short one. If anyone would like to comment on these new project ideas feel free or FUCK OFF.

JK it's statistically unlikely you will comment.

Stay tuned as always.

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