Thursday, June 30, 2011

Protoman Helmet Progress 6 (CURRRRSE CUUUURRRRSSEEE)

Welcome. This week Jay and I discovered the ProtoCurse, as everything we tried to do fucked up and exploded in our faces simultaneously while I wept like a WWII soldier's widow at a funeral.
Mops were needed, but moving on.
 The green LEDs officially work as of five minutes ago. The problem was a bad regulator. I'm going to get them soldered more securely and we'll be good to start installing them.  I've also gotten the headpiece finished and the white ear parts finished as well. The headpiece is test fitted to the helmet right now but I'm going to have to try again to make it look perfect. I hotglued everything into the helmet and make some drawrings to indicate what switches do what.  We're a week away from our goal finish date.

The cuuuuuurse mostly affected the white LEDs to the point where we just moved the green ones to their own board so we can figure out just whats wrong with the main LED driver board. We'll get it figured out eventually.

Please use eyeballs to look upon these pics if you please.

They're goddamn bright.

Ear pieces and covers over them...Keep in mind this is a brightly lit room

This is probably how they'll be viewed in a concert setting.

Turn on by rotating knob down...

Turn top speaker on by flicking switch...down.
We're so damn close. Wait until I start singing Bon Jovi for an entire week while working on this shit. It'll be fun for the neighbors.

We gotta hooooold oooon to what we got


  1. Hello Jack,
    The picture you added is very nice. Your party idea is too cool. Specially the helmet was too nice. Thank you for your nice sharing. But you can get more beautiful and attractive helmet.


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