Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been busy...yeah

In the past, oh, 13 days, I've been working on school stuff and organizing my home life into tidy plastic bins.  I've been going through just about every toy I ever owned from when I was a kid and tagging them and putting them in bags, then organizing them in bins.  I'll probably list a lot of this shit on or soon.


I've done a little work on the Jack comic lately, and I more or less have the script for Issue 1 which will probably be a little longer than the next few issues.  I've gotten some concept art done, and I've started hunting up some older art from when I started on the comic a few years ago. Yes, there's years worth of concept art stored away somewhere.  Until I get the issue's art finished, I'll be uploading random pics now and again while trying to keep up with This Week in Old Shit from my dad's basement of wonders. I'll also be comically reviewing some games and shit soon, it's just been busy lately. Until next time, here's a pic to help you figure out what I'm going for with the Jack comic (previously posted on facebook). I consider this concept art but I may reuse the helmet later because that image just happened to come out just right (minus the top portion texture.) Have fun with your lives until then, you may have kids by the time I'm done with issue #1.

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